Why Do Business With Us?

An Interview with Kenny Neice:

Ship to Shore Marine Inc.

Boat/Yacht detailing


(516) 609-2112

At Curran Cooney Penny Agency, “you are not just another number,” says Kenny Neice, the owner of Ship to Shore Marine Inc. Kenny owns a boat/ yacht detailing company who is on his way to expanding to automobiles. Kenny has been with our agency since 2019. In an interview, Kenny recommends Curran Cooney Penny Agency to anyone looking for any type of insurance due to the amazing service and experience he has had here over the years. “Being a business owner,” Kenny states, “you don’t really know much about insurance or accounting or anything like that.” Mike’s company gives you a great education about anything insurance related. One of the most prominent points Kenny emphasized multiple times, was the “great service” Curran Cooney Penny provides. “They ALWAYS pick up the phone and care about your business. They remember the little things and make small talk out of it. That is one of the best qualities about this agency, “they care.” He claims it is more than an insurance company; it is more, as Kenny described, as a “mom and pop shop.” The connection clients have with this agency is more than just insurance; it just feels like a casual, friendly conversation. Kenny points out the idea that there is a “trust and care” relationship. You are to trust your agency when you see that they care. That is what Kenny feels when he talks to Mike and his staff.

So why do business with us? Well as Kenny mentioned, at Curran Cooney Penny Agency, you get everything that Kenny enlisted above. You get your insurance questions answered but in the most pleasant experience possible. You establish a real, inter-personal relationship that entails great service and friends. You get a staff who cares about your wants, needs and questions and will do whatever it takes to help you and give you the best experience possible.

So, what do you think? How can we help you today?